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Eco-friendly initiatives

Xetum’s watches, packaging and company operations have been designed from the start with an eco-friendly approach in mind. You can see here some of the steps we’ve taken to reduce our impact on the environment, ranging from watch straps with eco-friendly cork lining to wristwatch boxes made from rubberwood that otherwise would have ended up being burned to partnering with organizations such as Carbonfund.org in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

cork-lined watch strap

Naturally tanned watch straps with Italian cork lining

Each of our hand made, contrast stitched wristwatch straps is tanned using a wood-based natural leather tanning process. This wood-based tanning process uses fewer chemicals and acids than conventional tanning processes. The richly textured interior lining of each watch strap is made using renewable, eco-friendly cork from a tree farm in Sardegna, Italy. The cork is applied to the interior of each strap to provide each Xetum Swiss watch with its own distinctive texture and look.

photo of rubberwood watch box

Rubberwood watch box

Xetum's watch box is crafted from eco-friendly rubberwood. Rubberwood trees (also known as Pará rubber trees or Hevea brasiliensis) can be found in the tropical regions of several continents and are tapped each year for latex rubber. When the trees are around 30 years old, the annual latex yields begin to decline, and historically, the mature trees have been either burned on the spot or used for firewood. By utilizing this wood that otherwise would have been burned, Xetum is able to provide a stylish watch container in an eco-friendly fashion.

photo of Ecological Fibers watch carton

Ecological Fibers watch carton

The protective paper carton containing your Xetum Swiss automatic watch is made from Forest Stewardship Council certified Rainbow 70 paper, from Ecological Fibers. Since their founding in 1972, Ecological Fibers has been committed to protecting the environment. Their commitment to environmental protection includes ensuring only clean process water is discharged from their manufacturing facilities, recycling coating waste materials as an ingredient in potting soil, and using recycled paper in the manufacture of raw materials. Ecological Fibers was recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency with an honorary environmental award on the 25th anniversary of Earth Day.

Carbonfree partner logo

CarbonFree Partner

Xetum is working with Carbonfund.org to offset its carbon footprint through the support of reforestation projects. Carbonfund.org supports reforestation efforts including the Genesis Forest Project in Tocantins, Brazil, The Return to Forest Project in southwestern Nicaragua and the Tengchong Conservation Carbon Project in China's Yunnan Province. All Carbonfund.org projects are verified by a third party to ensure that the projects supported provide real, permanent, verifiable carbon reductions that are over and above what would have already been done in a

green web hosting partner logo

Eco-friendly web hosting

ServInt was selected as Xetum's hosting provider due to their commitment to operating in an eco-friendly manner. Their Green Initiative, launched in 2008 is an example of this commitment. ServInt offers hosting solutions that run on low voltage servers, recycles 100% of their recyclable hardware components, and contributes to reforestation projects that offset the power draw of their VPS and SuperVPS infrastructure by at least 10 percent.