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Xetum reviews and media mentions

Reviews and press coverage of our Swiss automatic watch collection

Esquire Smart, minimalist timepieces designed in California. (Spring 2013)

Monochrome Xetum timepieces are designed in California and use Swiss mechanical movements . . . and have customers from all over the world. (Autumn 2012)

WSJ American watchmakers rise again (Summer 2013)

AskMen The company’s designs are fresh and creative, interesting but subtle, and the build quality is excellent while the price is reasonable . . . Xetum watches are just what the doctor ordered.

Maxim Like wearing modern art on your arm. (Spring 2013)

Details Introducing the Xetum Kendrick (Spring 2013)

Esquire Watches to wear now (Spring 2013)

Hodinkee This is the type of watch you expect to see in the Museum of Modern Art here in New York, and to be perfectly honest, we wouldn't be surprised if in a few years time, we did. [includes video review]

Uncrate The Xetum Tyndall PVD Carbon Fiber takes that beautiful timepiece to an entirely new level. (Autumn 2013)

Cool Hunting California-inspired modern design

acquire.jpg Modern, architectural styling (Autumn 2013)

Worn and Wound We had the chance to see the new Tyndall LTD and were quite impressed. (Autumn 2013)

Valet A maverick watch company focused on design, sustainability, quality and value

Monochrome Xetum is a one-of-a-kind company, and the Tyndall . . . is without comparison. (Autumn 2012)

TechCrunch The Tyndall PVD is . . . a very satisfying combination of intelligent, measured design choices and quality manufacturing. (Autumn 2012)

Worn and Wound Uniquely minimal design and Swiss made credentials. (Autumn 2012)

acquire.jpg Xetum takes a tasteful approach with the Tyndall PVD. (Autumn 2012)

iW Unique contemporary design . . . a signature style. (Summer 2012)

Professional Watches Eco friendly California based Swiss made watch brand Xetum. (Spring 2012)

NYT Xetum, a San Francisco based company . . . (Spring 2012)

Uncrate Exquisitely minimal form meets plenty of functionality in the Xetum Tyndall ... It's a sure-fire way to class up nearly any ensemble. (Autumn 2011)

Hodinkee Xetum pieces have an identifiable personality unlike any other watch in any price point, and they take a unique approach towards customer service and sustainability. (September 2011)

Monochrome Xetum shows it’s possible to offer a unique design without overdoing things . . . A mechanical watch with modern looks and a friendly price. (September 2011)

Fratellowatches Xetum watches have a modern – almost Danish – design but are being manufactured in the Swiss Jura valley . . . your buyer’s experience will be top notch. (September 2011)

acquire.jpg Up and coming watch brand Xetum continues its evolution with the introduction of steel bracelets to further complement the collection's modern styling. (September 2011)

aBlogtoRead The popular California-based watch brand Xetum now has steel bracelets available for both their Tyndall and Stinson watch collections. I like the look of the bracelet as integrated into the lugless design of the case.(September 2011)

The Watch Lounge We’ve always been pretty impressed with Xetum, a brand that decidedly walks to the beat of its own drum, and even more impressed with their products.(September 2011)

Professional Watches Xetum offers high quality Swiss made, California designed mechanical timepieces that represent an excellent value at the sub-$1,000 price point. (September 2011)

Perpetuelle I could definitely see myself wearing one of these because of the unique design.(February 2011)

Watch Matchmaker Xetum is more than just a lot of watch for the money. It’s a whole company ethos that I find rather refreshing and unusual in this business.(February 2011)

WSJ Digital Network 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best of Everything - Smart Money. (November 2010)

iW Noteworthy timepieces under $1500. (July 2010)

SF Chronicle Xetum offers an appealing marriage of canny design, novelty and technical prowess. (May 2010)

Watchuseek Given the quality of manufacture and movement, the attention to detail, the uniqueness, and the overall experience, I'd say this is a great addition to anyone's collection. (Customer review - April 2010)

Wrist Watch Review The Tyndall is a watch I’d be proud to wear in a room full of Rolexes; it’s an original design, and first-rate construction should age very well indeed.(March 2010)

Wrist Watch Review This is a high-design American watch through and through, something quite rare in the horology world. Add Xetum to the pantheon of American watch geniuses.(March 2010)

ablogtoread A fresh style that is getting a lot of people excited. [includes video review] (February 2010)

Gear Patrol Xetum is a rising watch brand that anyone who’s into timepieces should definitely keep an eye on . . . these timepieces provide tremendous value that both fashion lovers and watch aficionados can appreciate. (February 2010)

Europastar Industry news (December 2009)

Europastar The dial is clean and legible without having the overly sparse look that many minimalist watches have. (December 2009)

Watch & Clock Forum Overall the fit and finish of the watch is quite good and is of the level I would expect for a watch at this price point . . . chances are you will be quite pleased with this watch. (December 2009)

Watch & Clock Forum Xetum timepieces are modern in style with a designer twist. (December 2009)

acquire.jpg Xetum is a great new watch company out of San Francisco that rely on a minimalistic yet modern approach to watch design while also being eco-friendly . . . the watches are expertly crafted in Switzerland's Jura Valley. (December 2009)

Thrillist While the company is American, their timepieces are assembled in the Jura Valley of Switzerland, a location known for its long historical horological tradition. (December 2009)

Thrillist Thrillist Holiday 2009 Gift Guide (December 2009)