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Modern automatic watches - desgined in California

Xetum's modern watch collection is designed in California and made in Switzerland. Each piece blends California modern desgin with Swiss
precision and craftsmanship. California design, to us, embodies several fundamental desgin principles; (1) A clean, modern aesthetic,
(2) Distinctiveness, that is executed with nuance and subtely; (3) Universality, the ability to be appreciated by a broad range of people.
We have incorporated each of these elements into the desgin of all of the watches in our collection.


And made in Switzerland. . .
We then take our modern California aesthetic and couple that with the strong watchmaking hertiage of the Swiss. Each Xetum men's watch is
painstakingly crafted in Switzerland's Juta Valley, using time-tested watch making methods. The result is a collection which is imbued with a
Californian & American aesthetic and beats inside with the heart of a centuries long Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Personal customer experience
Of course, it's not just about the watch -- it's about the experience you have with it. That's why Xetum has been built around a personal customer
experience. We offer a level of personal attention that is often forgotten in a mass market world. When you speak with someone at Xetum, you'll
be speaking with someone who is passionate about watches, and even more passionate about you having an exemplary experience with Xetum.

Eco-friendly operations
Xetum Has desgined its watches, packing and operations with environmental resposibility in mind. From renewable cork on our naturally
tanned watch straps, to watch boxes made from rubberwood that is saved from being burned, to support of reforestation efforts, Xetum has
made environmental resposibility a priority.