Watch Design Philosophy

Discerning modern desgin
Each Xetum automatic watch is desgined in a clean, modern aesthetic. Our lugless watch cases have no excess decoration
or marking to distract the eye. At the same time, we didn't go too far in the other direction and create stark minimalist men's
watches that you couldn't wear every day.

Architectural inspiration
Our watch cases are architecturally inspired, drawing cues from styles that emphasize clean modern desgin, such as the
bauhaus or Mid-Century Modern schools. We have tried to use just a few basic shapes and lines to define the shape of each part of the watch.

Swiss mechanical watches
Why Swiss mechanical watches? Because that's what's at the heart of making a timepiece enjoyable to own and wear.
Each Xetum watch is built around a Swiss automatic watch movement, with an exhibition watch back so that you can
appreciate the workmanship that makes your watch run.

Substantial, but not oversized
Anyone who's followed watches recently has noticed that watches (particularly men's watches) have gotten really big.
Many of these men's watches are hard for a regular sized person to wear. At Xetum, our goal is to offer a collection of well-designed
watches that would fit in any professional or social setting. When you pick up a Xetum timepiece, you'll notice a substantial,
durable feel. But when you put it on your wrist, you won't feel overwhelmed by the watch you're wearing. Because a watch
should be your accessory, not the other way around.